About Us

Perked is a homegrown, small business started in 2018 that focuses on the manufacturing of leather goods and accessories. Our products are made from genuine leather, handcrafted to perfection by skilled craftsmen and created keeping our 'perky' audience in mind.
We provide a twist to traditional leather accessories by providing colourful, trending and durable goods. Our product portfolio ranges from backpacks, crossbody bags to totes, laptop bags for women and men along with accessories such as keychains and wallets of different sizes. While providing our consumers a product that is not conventionally available in the market, we also pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship. Our products are durable and sturdy while also maintaining a trendy and vibrant aesthetic.
We target those who are looking for longevity while also searching for style. Perked's target audience covers those who aspire to have the best quality products at an affordable price, we believe in affordable luxury.
Breaking free from the blacks, browns and tans of the leather industry, Perked brings to you colour and vibrancy. We also have an upcycled collection where leather scraps and smaller pieces are used to create trending designs while maintaining our zero wastage policy.